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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 11:23 am
So a while back I posted (in LJ only, most likely) about how I sent a very terse e-mail back to a friend who had sent her umpteenth urban legend e-mail.

I sent her the appropriate link showing her it was false and then very forcefully said that if she wasn't going to look these things up first, then don't send them to me. I also advised that she should bear in mind that she could be needlessly worrying/scaring people if she sent these e-mails without verifying their veracity.

Apparently she listened to me about not including me on the distribution list for such messages, but I still ended up with the e-mail. She sent another one out but left me off the distribution list as requested, but she sent it to a mutual friend who forwarded to me.

So I found the appropriate link and sent it to the friend who sent it to me. I suggested that at the very least, she needs to send the link back to the person who sent her the e-mail.

Why don't people ever learn - no matter how many times you tell them - they really need to look these things up before mass forwarding/spamming their friends????????

I mean, really? Is it really going to interfere with your ability to have a life or kill you to take a few extra minutes before clicking "Forward"???????


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